Install Cydia for iOS 7

With the coming release of a jailbreak for iOS 7 people are starting to get excited. If you follow any jailbreak gurus on twitter you will see that they are very close to updating for iOS 7! We wanted to give you a few tips to get ready for the upcoming jailbreak so you can be ready to install Cydia on iOS 7!

Obviously the first thing you are going to need to do is update your device if you haven’t already to iOS 7. This is a very easy process, just plug your device into itunes or check in settings to see if you have a software update available.

After updating your device you will want to do a google search of Jailbreak iOS 7. Please make sure that the jailbreak is coming from a reputable source. There are a ton of fake jailbreak sites out there that say they can do it, but research is your best friend on this.

Our biggest advice to you is to wait about 5-7 days from when the jailbreak for iOS 7 becomes available before you update. That will give the experts and professionals time to evaluate and make sure everything is safe and ready for you to install. As always we recommend a professional service to install Cydia on your iOS device as this will take the guess work out of it.

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