NCCards Allows You to Customize the Notifications Posted by Notification Center

NCCards is one of our most beloved jailbreak tweaks? What does it do? Exactly what the title says: it introduces a brand new interface when it comes to the notifications posted by the Notification Center. It is also a steal when it comes to the price – it is only $2.99; you can get it on BigBoss repo. It introduces additional visual notifications while keeping all the good things that Apple users are largely familiar with by now.

While testing the app, we found a considerably good set with only a small number of bugs. After the app has finally been installed, you will get a new and improved preference panel; it is located, as you might have guessed, in the Settings app. Once there, you can fine tune different features that include (but are not limited to transparency, theme, card collapsing and so on and so forth.

The default NCCards is such that it assimilates the main color of the app icon in question when it comes to the notification itself. What this really means is that, for example, if you get a Messages app notification, the notification will have a green header – the Messenger app icon is green in itself. This is rather smart and innovative. This option is called ‘Auto Color’ by the NCCards. We highly suggest that you keep this setting on, considered it is the main feature, so to speak, of this important tweak.

One of the things that NCCards takes pride is in its option to swipe away all the notifications that are related to one single app; the other is its ability to long press the top card in order to do away with all the active notifications. You can see this for yourself by watching the creator’s video that’s posted on Cydia; however, certain users have reported that this functionality is malfunctioning on their own devices – this should probably be remedied in one of the future updates of the app.

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So what are our final thoughts on this app? It is useful, original and brings in some of the original solutions that are definitely worth checking out. It is pleasant to the eye, its ideas are good but some of the solutions leave much to be desired for; again, the bugs are something that this tweak definitely didn’t need.

Should you pay $2.99 for this tweak? It all depends on how on just how much attention you pay to the Notification Center. If you can’t live without it, this tweak is an absolute must for you. On the other hand, if you barely pay any attention to it, you’re probably better off without NCCards.

The best solution here is, as always, to get NCCards for yourself and see how it goes. After all, maybe the innovative solutions of this app are just the thing you needed to get you into the Notification Center. If not – you can easily remove the app. The choice is up to you.

Based on everything that has been outlined so far, what do you personally think about NCCards? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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