MoreDictation provides additional language support for Siri Dication

iOS 7 comes with a feature called Siri Dictation which allows users to speak into the device and have their spoken words typed automatically for them. This can be activated by tapping on the microphone button that appears on the keyboard whenever you’re typing. Although it’s a great feature, Siri Dication in iOS 8 comes with additional 24 new languages that are not in iOS 7 along with the default English language.

If you ever wished your iOS 7 Siri Dication supported more languages, just like it’s counterpart, iOS 8, you might probably be interested in a jailbreak tweak known as MoreDication. As you might have guessed by now, the tweak adds all the 24 new languages which are available on iOS 8 to iOS 7 and improves your experience using Siri Dication.

To speak in a language that is supported, you’re required that the keyboard is also switched to the same language as you’re speaking, given that the language is supported. If yes, you can easily speak into the microphone and have all your words transformed into texts on your device automatically without any effort.

If you speak other languages other than English, you’d definitely find this tweak helpful. MoreDication comes with no configurations as it’s an install-and-go affair. Once you’ve installed it, simple open any app that requires writing and switch to the keyboard of your choice to speak in that language.

Just as awesome as it sounds, the tweak is available on Cydia for absolute free of cost and you can install it now from BigBoss repository.

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