Get your pedometer running on your iPhone’s lockscreen with Stepper 2

If you’ve ever used an Android phone that features a pedometer, then chances are that you already know that most of these devices can easily display how many steps you’ve walked on the lock screen. Unfortunately, regardless of the fact that the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus feature a pedometer, the number of steps taken cannot be seen on the lock screen unless users use a Cydia app known by the name of Stepper 2.

When it comes down to the actual purpose of this app, it does nothing else then simply allowing you to see the amount of steps that you have taken on your lock screen and on your status bar, but also offering you certain notifications. However, what makes it great is the fact that your device can easily continue to work just fine even with the Cydia tweak running.

When it comes down to how to use the iPhone while having this Cydia tweak running, it is safe to say that just about anyone can easily understand how it works. To put things better into perspective, there is a configuration panel where you can set a daily steps goal that you’d like to accomplish together with where you’d like the app to appear.

With everything that has been highlighted above in mind, Stepper 2 isn’t only a simply Cydia tweak, as it also has the great benefit of giving you notifications whenever you’ve reached your daily step goal. By being easy to use and interactive, users from all around the world have shown their appreciation for the Cydia app, which easily works with the iOS 8 jailbreak.

Have you ever tried Stepper 2 out? If yes, what did you think about it?

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