Save time when entering your email address with TapTheAT

Let’s face it. We all hate the fact that there are times when we need to spend precious time typing in our email addresses on our phones. Regardless of whether it is done to log onto a service, or create an account the overall process can be considered quite annoying. This is what the folks behind TapTheAt have thought about as well before making their Cydia tweak which is exactly what each jailbroken iPhone needs to become truly great making it one of the must have’s for just about anyone.

The concept behind this Cydia tweak is quite simple, as instead of taking your time to add in an email address each time it’s needed, you can simply hold the @ button down and choose from the list of email addresses that you have added previously which will then be pasted onto the form.

The installation of TapTheAt is also quite simple, as it basically requires the Cydia tweak to be downloaded and a small setup to be followed. With this in mind you will have to enter all of your email addresses before in order to be able to use them with the help of this cydia app and the actual keyboard shortcut service embedded into iOS, thus eliminating the time needed to type in long email addresses.

All in all, TapTheAt represents a Cydia tweak that should be downloaded by anyone with a jailbroken iDevice as it has been proven to greatly reduce the amount of frustration that all of us feel whenever we have to deal with entering emails.

Have you ever tried this Cydia tweak? If you did, would you recommend it to your friends?

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