Get more music controls with Clex

I personally enjoy listening to music on my iPhone quite a lot, but it seems like there is something missing. Clex represents yet another great Cydia app that can be used by just about anyone willing to have some more control over their music regardless of the part of the phone that they are situated in.

With this in mind, Clex has a couple of great features and one of the most important is the fact that users can now get to see the list of songs that they have simply by swiping left or right. After this is done, users can easily choose to scroll through the lst in order to choose one to play. Additionally, other features include the fact that swiping left or right also gives users some other controls including the ability to play, pause, previous or next track. Unfortunately, it seems like we don’t currently have access to a volume slider, but controlling it via your iPhone’s physical buttons shouldn’t be a problem at all.

When it comes down to the ease of use, the Cydia tweak can be utilized by a user right after it’s installed without any trouble. You can control your music, while also searching for other songs easily.

Have you ever tried Clex out on Cydia? Let us know what you thought about it.

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