Seng: A Completely New Auxo Substitute Now Available on Cydia (Finally)

This day should enter into the jailbreak releases history books, as a huge advancement has been made. First things first, the highly sought after and requested Multiplexer finally landed on Cydia, and now, there’s Seng, another highly expected tweak, although not as anticipated as Multiplexer; however, we’re rather glad to have it with us.

Seng, as it was discussed way back in August this year, is a jailbreak tweak whose function is inspired by and based on Auxo. To be more precise, simply calling it “inspired” would be a bit of a misnomer; actually, Seng is heavily influenced by Auxo. Did someone say ‘rip off’? We didn’t think so.

After being in beta phase for nearly two months, Seng can now be purchased on Cydia for a measly price of $2.50. So, one question remains: is it worth taking a look at? How well does it perform? Or should we look for substitutes somewhere else?

As we have mentioned above already, Seng is a tweak intended for the App Switcher. So what does it do exactly? It splits the interface up into two main sections: Top View and Bottom View. So where does the App Switcher itself go? It is neatly tucked in between each view, easily accessible.

So what can you do with these views? Both the top and bottom views can be tampered with interface elements. Examples include (but are not limited to) toggles, sliders for volume and brightness, music information, and much, much more. Users can use Seng’s starting preferences to drag the available elements between each view, interchangeably, or hide them completely. It can be customized to suit your taste.

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Esentially, what Seng does is that it merges the App Switcher interface with the Control Center interface. It turns it all into an all-encompassing control panel that can do practically everything. As users introduce or remove features from each view, the App Switcher card section (itself located in the middle of the action) will resize by itself in order to better fit the area it has available.

One of the great things that we simply love about Seng is that it doesn’t require time (and battery) draining resprings in order to configure it to your preference. You simply go into the tweak’s preferences, rearrange the UI elements into the desired views, and go from there. It couldn’t be any simpler.

We were already impressed with the beta version of Seng, and the impression stays even with the current version. Although Auxo 3 has not yet received an much needed update for iOS 8.3/8.4 jailbreaks, Seng is an alternative that should be checked out. Remember – it’s still not a completely fitting replica of Auxo, but it is a nice simulacrum. So why should you bother with it at all? Simple – Seng does enough things right to make it competent enough to stand on its own. And that is precisely why we love it so!

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