Articon replaces the Music app icon with the album artwork

If you’re a great fan of music, you should probably check out a jailbreak tweak known as Articon which has been developed by magn2o. The cydia tweak doesn’t add a major feature, but rather allows you to make it more unique by customizing the Music app icon.

Articon allows you to customize the icon of the stock Music app by replacing it with the album artwork of the current playing song. This means that whenever a track is being played in the stock Music app, the track’s artwork will replace the original Music app icon as shown in the screenshot below.

More interesting, the tweak not only supports the stock Music app, but other third-party media apps as well such as Spotify, YouTube etc. It also supports video applications as well such as Netflix.

Once you install the cydia tweak, you can configure it from its preferences pane in the Settings app. You’ll find a toggle that allows you to enable or disable Articon and it also allows you to change the name of the media app to the current playing song’s artist, title or album name. The only problem of enabling the latter option is that the names that are long will get truncated, which doesn’t look quit good.

If you’re much into customization and a big fan of musics, you should surely check out this tweak. Articon is available on Cydia’s BigBoss repository for free of charge.

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