You’re just a flick of a button away from posting to multiple social networks

Almost everyone nowadays is active on social network and this is one of the increasing reasons why you’d see so many tweaks on Cydia related to social networking. Instant Compose is yet another addition to the group that allows you to post to several social networks with just the flick of a button.

With Instant Compose, you can simply switch the mute or ringer button at the side of your device to post to multiple social networks. Doing so displays a pop-up with options to post to over 4 social networks. Tapping on any one of them allows you to compose a message and send it right away. You can post to Facebook, Twitter, iMessage or even Email. Note that this tweak doesn’t disable the main function and your device will still continue to mute or unmute the sound when you flick the switch button as well as display the social networks.

Although the tweak might sound good, the major drawback is that it makes use of the Mute button so you have to flick it frequently just for the sake of posting to a social network, which sounds quite senseless.

Once you install Instant Compose, a new preference pane will be added to the stock Settings app where you can enable or disable it whenever you need.

With all this said, the tweak costs $1.99, which I believe is way over-priced because this should be a free tweak as Activator also allows you to make use of gestures in order to post to Twitter, Facebook or any other social network site for free.

Yet, if you’re willing to give this tweak a shot, you can purchase it from Cydia’s BigBoss repository for $1.99.

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