Prettier Banners – A Great App to Get Your Message Notifications to Add Contact Photos

By | December 4, 2014

BiteSMS was a very popular app but it no longer exists. Its popularity came from the fact that it added photographs of your contacts to your message notification. However, there is now a brand new Cydia tweak called Prettier Banners which can do exactly the same. This means that when you receive a text message, you will now see your contact’s picture, instead of your regular message icon.

When it comes down to the ease of use of this Cydia app, it is worth stating that just about anyone with some basic tech knowledge would be able to figure it out. At present, the Cydia app does not have any configuration settings. Naturally, in order for it to work properly, you do have to make sure that your contacts have profile pictures. If not, it will just show a blank picture.Prettier-banners

Prettier Banners does exactly what it promises. Although it hasn’t been tested much yet, the notifications on both lock and home screens work perfectly with the contact picture of the sender. Unfortunately, the picture is only tiny, which means it can be hard to see just who has messaged you. However, it is hoped that this will improve with a future update. Anyway, the simple fact that it gives your iOS device more of an Android feel together with a couple of more customization features is enough to make the Cydia tweak worth downloading.

What do you personally think about Prettier Banners? Have you tried it out until now? If yes, would you recommend it to a friend?

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