The iOS 8 jailbreak is here!

It’s finally here! After a couple of speculations in the past together with different stories regarding which developer will release the iOS 8 jailbreak for iOS 8- iOS 8.1, it seems like Pangu was finally able to get things done well.

Just a few hours ago, the team announced that the jailbreak also works on all of the devices that support iOS 8, so that includes the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and iPad Air 2 which is simply great news. However, there’s still another side to this story. While Pangu may have managed to release the jailbreak itself, it is more for developers rather than consumers, as there would be no actual way for consumers to enjoy the jailbreak in the case that they had no apps to install.

With this factor in mind, theiOS 8 jailbreak comes without Cydia and is mainly focused at ensuring that jailbreak apps are updated before they make Cydia available as well. Rest assured, as adding Cydia is a mere update that will take place in a couple of days. Certain reports have even stated that you may be able to add Cydia manually to your device, so we’ll elaborate on this in a future post. Saurik has also stated that he is aware of a couple of bugs and the fact that Cydia is not available yet and that he will try his best to create a patch in order to fix this and send it over to the team at Pangu.

With all of these aspects in mind, it may be a couple of days before people from all around the world can get the full iOS 8 jailbreak access on their devices and be able to enjoy thousands of different Cydia apps without any trouble, which is simply what most of us would like to do.

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