SafariRefresh ports the Pull to Refresh feature to Safari

By | November 18, 2014

One of the useful features of the Mail app is that it allows you to pull down the mails list to refresh it and load new mails. Such a feature is inherent in other third-party apps as well including Whatsapp. SafariRefresh is one of those Cydia tweaks that ports the pull to refresh feature to the stock Safari app.

Normally, you can refresh a page in Safari by tapping on the round arrow in the URL bar. Although it’s not a hard task, it might be difficult to reach it when using a larger device such as the new iPhone 6 or the iPhone 6 Plus.

This is where SafariRefresh comes in to save your day. The tweak adds a pull to refresh feature to Safari so that you can pull down a webpage to refresh it right away without having to reach to the top of the screen to do so.¬†You’ll definitely find it more convenient on devices with a larger screen.


With that said, the tweak comes with absolutely zero configuration to make. Upon installing and respringing your device, launch the Safari app, go to a webpage and simply pull it down and release to refresh it immediately.

I definitely recommend that you give this tweak a try especially if you own the larger iPhone 6 or the iPhone 6 Plus. It’s one of those Cydia tweaks that you’ll probably use on a daily basis.

Best of all, SafariRefresh is available on Cydia’s BigBoss repository for free of charge and supports iOS 8 devices. What do you think of this Cydia tweak? Is it worth the try? Sound off in the comments section below.

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