Get more video functions with BrightPlayer

Viewing video, especially on the iPhone 6 Plus can be considered a great experience, especially because of the incredibly good looking screen, but also due to the fact that both the phone and the screen are larger which can obviously make viewing a video a better experience. BrightPlayer aims at making this experience even better.

Well, there is a certain aspect of viewing videos in the Videos app on any iDevice that can become a little uncomfortable. A Redditor thought about this and actually pitched in the idea of a great Cydia tweak to a developer, which was created right after. With this in mind, BrightPlayer was born and this Cydia tweak has two main features. The first one revolves around adding a brightness control in the Video app whereas the second one adds a rotation lock button that can be used to toggle the screen orientation and rotation of your iOS device.

Finding yourself in the uncomfortable position of always having to pull up Control Centre in order to make these changes can be quite annoying, especially when you’re thinking about viewing a video. This app makes it much easier, as it only takes the average user a second or so to make brightness adjustments or change the screen orientation. Leaving aside the features that it offers, this Cydia app is also extremely easy to use as it flawlessly integrates with iOS and has an easy to use settings panel where users can choose which one of the two functions they would like to make available.

All in all, BrightPlayer is a surprisingly great Cydia tweak that can make the life of those who enjoy watching videos on their iOS devices a lot better. Have you ever tried this Cydia app out? If yes, what did you think about it?

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