Take and make calls while in an app with CallBar

A very important feature that iOS 8 currently lacks refers to the ability of users to make and take calls even if they are currently in another application on their device. Regardless of the fact that many complaints have been made towards Apple in the hope that such a feature will be implemented, it seems like Apple didn’t pick it up yet. However, CallBar is one of the best Cydia apps that offers users this exact feature.

CallBar was actually released during the time that most iPhones were running on iOS 7, which made it a great app for its time. Now, many people from all around the world are getting the iOS 8 jailbreak and would also like to use the app, so the developers actually updated it and made it compatible with the iOS 8 jailbreak on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, but also better from all the points of view.

While the update doesn’t actually add any new features, CallBar is now a lot more responsive as calls are displayed instantly and users can also easily make calls with the help of the Cydia tweak. When it comes down to its ease of use, it can be safely said that anyone who has basic knowledge on how to use the iPhone and jailbreaking can easily use the app without encountering any trouble.

With all of these aspects in mind, I must say that CallBar simply is one of the must-have Cydia tweaks for any iPhone user who simply isn’t a fan of the idea of not being able to take and make calls while in an app.

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