Snooze notifications with NotifyMeAgain

By | August 30, 2014

There are tons of different Cydia apps, created with the sole purpose of improving your daily life when it comes down to your interaction with your phone and today, we’ll be covering a very interesting Cydia tweak known by the name of NotifyMeAgain.

Like many others, chances are that you’re already thinking what this is about. The concept of a snooze button isn’t something new for anybody, but have you ever thought about using it when it comes down to handling notifications? People from all around the world snooze updates on their computers, through the process of asking the computer to remind you later and this is exactly what NotifyMeAgain does, but the only differences are that it works on your phone and it handles notifications.NotifyMeAgain

With this in mind, whenever you are busy doing something else, or you simply don’t feel like reading a notification, you can swipe it left or right in order to trigger a timer set by the Cydia app which will then make sure to display the notification again after a certain period of time. The installation of this app is quite easy and it only requires you to head to its setting and decide how much you’d like to wait after you swipe left and how much you’d like the notifications to be snoozed for after you swipe right. Once this is done, the Cydia app automatically starts functioning and you get three choices of swiping whenever a new notification appears and these are the two provided by the Cydia app together with the choice of swiping up to dismiss a notification.NotifyMeAgain

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Not only does this simple feature make this cydia tweak a must have for anybody who gets notifications often, but it also represents a solution of getting rid notifications when you’re busy and not forgetting about them later. If you’d like to find out more about this cydia app, or give it a try, it can be easily downloaded free of charge with the help of Cydia.

What other Cydia apps which can control the way that Notification Centre works would you recommend? Does NotifyMeAgain suit your current preferences?

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