Smooth Animations Now Available to iOS with Pyx

If you want to change the way your animations provided by App Switcher look on your iOS 8 device, then you will be happy to hear about the Pyx Cydia app app. At just $0.99, this is a fantastic Cydia tweak that adds six or so animations to your App Switcher. While it doesn’t look fantastic, thanks to the smart way that it was built, the tweak manages to do its job quite well.

When it comes down to the ease of use, it is safe to say that just about anyone can quickly get the hang of it. Once you have installed the Cydia app, you can navigate to the Settings and configure your own preferences. Here, you can choose the type of animation you want in your App Switcher. Choose from animations like vertical flip, slide from top, slide from bottom with bounce and more. It will take a few moments before you notice the effects of your animation. However, be patient because there is at least no need to respring.

When you turn on your App Switcher, Pyx will cause the animations to be activated. When swiping between the different cards, you can tap on one to switch to your app. Thanks to Pyx, this is now done with smooth animations. However, an unfortunate fact is related to the idea that you can’t change the speed by yourself. Perhaps something like this will be available in a future release of the Cydia tweak.

Another issue is that the preferences look terribly designed, which is strange since it was made by Bradley Friedman, who is a veteran in the field of iOS 8 jailbreak field. Anyway, based on what has been outlined so far, it is safe to say that Pyx is an awesome Cydia app that gets the job done for all of those who would like to get access to smooth animations when it comes down to using their iOS devices.

Have you ever tried this Cydia tweak out? If yes, what did you think about it?

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