iSkin allows you to install themes on your iPhone without a jailbreak

At this moment in time, one of the biggest issues present on the iOS jailbreak scene refers to the fact that it sometimes takes a bit too long for new jailbreaks to be released, as the dev teams are experiencing trouble when it comes down to keeping up with Apple’s constant iOS updates and security additions meant to make rooting more difficult.

However, in case you’re considering the idea of staying away from a jailbreak, or you have already updated your iOS to the newest one and do not have a jailbreak available yet, then a service known by the name of iSkin may bring in the right solution if you’re looking for themes.

As you may already know, unlike Android, Apple doesn’t yet allow iOS users to install actual themes on their device, and the only way that it’s truly possible is with the help of a jailbreak. However, there’s another possibility. While it’s definitely not as efficient, it is worth giving a try.

iSkin represents a service that works on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch as long as they’re running iOS 7 or later. To put things better into perspective, the app service works by adding themed app icons to your home screen. The catch is that these themed icons are actually shortcuts to the actual app. So, while you can basically customize most apps to look different, you’ll have to put the actual apps into a folder, to keep them hidden away. The shortcuts can then be used to launch the respective app.

The process of getting started is quite simple. Users will have to use access the iSkin page on their devices, and then proceed to choose a theme, alongside with the apps that want to customize. Once you’re satisfied with the selection of apps that you have made, simply head down on the page and hit the Install Icons button. Once they’re installed, you’ll have to wait for a couple of seconds, and then simply head over to the last page on your device to find the themed icons. From there, place them where you want on your screen.

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In case you would like to remove the themes, you can either head to their webpage and delete your profile or simply remove the icons from your home screen.

Based on everything that has been outlined so far, the iSkin tweak offers a smart way of adding a theme to your device, without having to jailbreak it. What do you personally think about the service? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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