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By | September 3, 2014

One of the main problems that most people who decide to jailbreak their iPhones have is a pretty unexpected question- What should I download? Due to the fact that there are tons of different Cydia apps and cydia tweaks it may be hard for people who are still new to jailbreaking to pick the proper apps, so that’s where we come in!

Today, we’ll talk about a very interesting Cydia app known by the name of SpotFile which was designed in such a way to provide an update for the actual Spotlight function that comes as a standard with most iPhones. There are chances that you may have heard of another Cydia app known by the name of iFile. It is important to note that while both of these Cydia apps have similar functions, SpotFile actually makes things much easier, through the process of integrating the iFile idea into spotlight.SpotFile

The main purpose of this cydia app is to allow users to quickly access the file directory and make certain modifications by using spotlight which is actually a pretty good idea. However, in order to keep the app interesting, a couple of more features were recently added and it seems like more are on their ways. To start off, anyone using SpotFile will get the chance to open directory files found with the spotlight search with both iFile, but also MyFile. Additionally, users can also delete items, upload them to the sharing platform known as DropBox, save photos to the gallery, copy file paths, attach files to mails and even install a Debian package.

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To be honest, it’s quite amazing how such a high number of features can be packed in such an easy to use Cydia app. When it comes down to installing the app, chances are that you won’t face any difficulty. All that a user needs to do is to download it through the use of Cydia and start using it once it is installed.SpotFile

If you’re wondering whether SpotFile is for you, chances are that the right answer to this question is actually in your hands. If you find yourself frequently visiting cydia apps such as iFile for different purposes and would like to make the overall process faster, while also getting access to a couple of more features,  then the app can definitely be considered right for you, even if it is now available for the cost of $1.49.

Have you ever tried it before? Would you recommend SpotFile to a friend? If you yet to jailbreak then follow our jailbreak iOS 7 guide.

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