Backup iPhone in 5 easy steps

An Easy Guide To Backup iPhone Data and Access it on New Devices

The first step before downloading cydia ios 7, is to backup your device. This guide will help you do it pain free.

It is important to give your iPhone frequent backups so that all your personal data remains secure. Having good backup iPhone data so that in case of any emergency, all the apps, photos, numbers and all the personal information can be restored from another source. Judging by the way fans of Apple products warm up to a new device once it is launched, it is also important to have a way to transfer all that information from the old device to the freshly unpacked iPhone. IPhone can sync and create frequent backups on its own, through a number of free and premium services. You can also backup iPhone data in a computer.

Backup iPhone using cloud Apps such as iCloud

For increased convenience, an apple device that has access to WiFi can be allowed to make a cloud backup. Because of the cloud, the phone can start making backups every time the phone is on a WiFi network and it has been plugged into a socket. It is important to note that the backup service consumes a lot of battery power and that is why it works best when the computer has been plugged into a power source. The application can sync old data with new data so there is less reason to worry about new changes to the personal data being lost in translation as the existing backup has old information. Check out an overview of iCloud.

Why it is still good to use computer backups?

Apple devices can also be backed up on a computer through iTunes. Many other Apps can also perform the same task. Once the phone has been connected to a computer through USB, the apps can create a local copy of all the data that is on the iPhone. This good for people who want to save contacts, preference settings, photo and video galleries and other important memos. This is a practical choice for making an iPhone backup because the process will leave a local copy on your hard drive so that you can make up a restore when the proper time comes.

Furthermore, people prefer to use their computer and other third party apps because iCloud only gives people the opportunity to save a maximum of 5GB the cloud backup. For techies and people who are crazy about their media, 5GB is too small to suffice. Having the media and other big files saved on the computer is good because it ensures that the iCloud can only be reserved to backup iPhone data such as contacts, memos, browser bookmarks and other permanent data. There are self initiating backups for iCloud and iTunes but someone can also start the process manually just to be sure. Here are the steps to backup iphone in the simplest way possible.

Steps to preform an iTunes iPhone backup in 5 steps:

1. Start by plugging the phone to a computer using a USB connection.

2. Launch the iTunes application on the computer.

3. On the “DEVICES” list, scroll and select the iPhone.

4. Right click the name of your device and select the “backup iPhone” option.

5. The process will begin immediately but wait for it to complete before unplugging the USB.

After all that has been done, there will be a new store of information on your computer and this can have a restoration done in future. The procedure is the same on Windows 7 and on Mac OS X. There is little to worry about compatibility issues since iPhone recognizes that some people need to backup iPhone gadgets but their computers may not be Macs. Even when installing a new iOS version on an existing iPhone will need someone to first start by performing the backup iphone process.

Using iCloud to backup iPhone data

Cloud was introduced in late 2011 and it was meant to assist people to have a quick way of backing up the phone data without a lot of hustle. Finally, it is answers the debate of how to backup iPhone data with little monitoring. With iCloud, users can access the apple servers and use different devices to access data that they had previously saved. Additionally, anything that has been saved on that cloud backup can be accessed from anywhere in the world. This becomes plus or any globe trotters who still want their information as they left it. Here are the steps for using iCloud.

1. Make sure that the phone has been plugged directly to a power source.

2. Ensure that there is a WiFi network within range and connect to it.

3. Run settings.

4. Select iCloud and then choose the “storage and backup” menu.

5. Select and confirm the “backup now” query to begin a new iPhone backup.

Note that for iCloud to work, a user must first set up an iCloud account a configure the iPhone to use it. You must also have enough space. The procedure will work on the iPad, an iPhone and also an iPod. Even after learning how to backup iphone data, you will realize that you can use other features for tracking the location of your iPhone from a different device such as the iMac. The iCloud can back up information that will uniquely identify the location of the device and even give the owner a map to the doorstep. This form of backup will make sure that it is hard to misplace an iPhone and it also reduces theft instances.

How To Restore from a Backup

After backing up the data, it is also important to know how to retrieve in the future. It can be disastrous to backup all the data when migrating to a new device and then have more trouble getting it back to the new device. Here is a quick start guide to restore an iPhone backup.

1. Click “Start” and navigate to “All Programs” and find the Apple/iTunes menu on a PC. Mac users simply need to go to the “Applications” folder and select the iTunes icon.

2. Select the iPhone tab once inside iTunes and on the “devices” menu, click “summary” and select “restore”. This will restore the iPhone back to its original factory settings first before it asks you to confirm where to get the next information from.

3. After that initial restore, click the restore from backup check box and a setup prompt will follow.

4. The final step is to select the date of the backup that you desire and click “continue”.

With all the available Apple applications and other third party Apps, it becomes much easier to backup iPhone information. Check out our section on cydia apps for some of the best backup apps out there!

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