Get Android like touch buttons with AlternateControls

A very interesting thing about Android phones refers to the fact that most of them have touch capacitive buttons placed on the bottom of the screen, meant to quickly do a couple of different things and to speed up different processes, such as going back in an app, or accessing the Settings app. Well, a very interesting Cydia app known by the name of AlternateControls is planning to provide Android like buttons on iOS, which represents quite an interesting concept.

With this in mind, the Cydia app has quite a simple, yet complex purpose as it manages to provide a way for users to control their iOS device without using the Home Button, which is definitely something that people have been looking for a long period of time until now.

When it comes down to the ease of use of this Cydia tweak, it is worth mentioning that once it has been installed, users need to go ahead and look for the preference panel where they will find a couple of different switches, each with a clear designated purpose. Leaving aside the button that is meant to kill the tweak, users can also find Invert Colours, Use modern icons and Show Touches, which all represent smart additions to the Cydia tweak that can make people be able to customize it in order to fit their style.

Users can also go ahead and select something which is known as an activation method. Ranging from a simple swipe gesture made at the button of the screen, or the use of an Activator gesture, it is all up to the user to decide.

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