Cydia for iOS 8

CydCydia iOS 8

ia for iOS 8 is officially here. As apple releases their new operating system called iOS 8, us jailbreak users are always looking to stay on top of the release dates and upcoming apps and cydia tweaks for cydia iOS 8. The basis for getting Cydia on iOS 8 will be in the hands of the jailbreakers as always.

Downloading Cydia for iOS 8

Check out our guide and learn how to download and install cydia for iOS 8 and fix cydia not showing on iOS 8 below:

Download cydia for iOS 8.

Fix Cydia not showing after iOS 8 jailbreak.

As most of jailbreak users will know, in order to get cydia iOS 8, you will need the iOS 8 jailbreak first. is dedicated on making this process as simple as possible for users to jailbreak our iOS devices and get the iOS 8 jailbreak going asap.

Start by heading over to our iOS 8 jailbreak page and jailbreak your device. This is a simple step by step guide we have put together to help you.

After you have got the iOS 8 jailbreak on your device the next few steps are simple.

What is Cydia for iOS 8?

Simply put Cydia is a 3rd party app store that allows the end user to download restricted apps or cydia tweaks that would otherwise not be allowed on the official app store provided by apple. It allows the user the freedom to take full advantage of their iOS 8 device.

Cydia Apps for iOS 8 are an amazing display of what creativity can be on a device with no limits. Allcydia has compiled a page dedicated to what we think are essential apps for your iOS 8 jailbroken devices. Check out our list of iOS 8 Cydia Apps.

Why Should I Download Cydia for iOS 8?

This is a user based choice. For us here at it is the freedom to use our devices to their full potential. Allowing developers to access features that Apple restricts by default really puts developers behind the 8 ball. But as we have seen in updated versions of the iOS software, Apple is becoming more aware of the amazing potential for jailbreak apps. Even some of them being put into their software updates.

Overall it is a choice based on what you expect our of your device you are using. We encourage you to read the pros and cons of using cydia for iOS 8 and to check out some of the iOS 8 cydia apps that might interest you and help you make that decision.

To begin the process of downloading cydia for ios 8, you first need to get the iOS 8 jailbreak. Check out our guide on the iOS 8 jailbreak for help.