Genie: The best Cydia app for your lockscreen

Apple is well known for being able to create a variety of great handheld devices and they can all be jailbroken, which is well… great news! However, many Cydia tweaks available at the moment are overly complicated and feature way too many settings and choices for a jailbreak ‘noob’. Genie represents a newly released app, capable of changing things up.

Well, Genie does exactly what a smart Cydia app should be able to do. Offer great features which are both useful, but also easy to understand by the average user who doesn’t have too much knowledge in the technical side of things. What Genie basically allows you to do, is to actually change the movement that you need to make in order to unlock your iPhone. Well, this isn’t really something new, is it?

Well, as a concept it isn’t, but there aren’t really any apps which make things as easy as Genie does. Once the application is downloaded via Cydia and the tweak is enabled through the in-app settings, a user can go ahead and select the way he would like to unlock his device from a list of smart settings which include 2 finger left swipe, double tap, triple tap, upwards swipe and many more, thus suiting the style and current needs of just about anyone with a jailbroken iPhone. After the selection is made, the app will save it for you and allow you to unlock the screen in a certain manner each time your iPhone is put into sleep.

But wait, there’s more! The app features a few more settings which allow you to disable the normal lock of your phone, but also to bypass its password, thus making things run much smoother.

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All in all, Genie represents a great and easily customizable app for anyone who would like to have a different experience when unlocking their iPhone.

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