iOS 8 was officially released

If you remember, iOS 8 was originally announced at Apple’s Developers Conference on June 2 which is quite a large number of months ago. Today, on September 17th, the iOS is officially available to iPhone users from all around the world.

The new operating system is claimed to be one of the most advanced ever created by Apple which is simply great news. Additionally, it also packs in some great features, some of them including more AirDrop functionality, the Health App, some software continuity, a better notification centre, better navigation and a couple of more features which are also impressively great from all the points of view.

With these factors in mind, it is safe to say that iOS 8 definitely represents one of the most advanced mobile OS on the market. However, regardless of the fact that it is also available for the iPhone 4S, we would like to let you know that updating your iPhone 4S with the latest software may make things run very slow, as the OS requires more resources when compared to the ones that the iPhone 4S currently has. Keep an eye on our iOS 8 jailbreak page for more information related to its release.

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