The massive Apple Watch iOS tweak, Aeternum gets an update

If you remember, we’ve recently covered one of the most promising Cydia apps, also known by the name of Aeternum which basically has the role of putting in the Apple Watch UI o your iPhone. Well, the famous app which has received quite a lot of positive reviews by people from all around the world has recently gotten a massive update, thus making it better from all the points of view.

Now, the Cydia tweak definitely has a lot more to offer than it did until now. To put things better into perspective, the app now offers a setting that can be used to change between the old rectangle the a newer diamond layout, an animated clock, a setting for animation speed, calendar icons, a setting for scrolling speed, another one for the dock icon count, a setting for the default zoom level that the Cydia tweak offers and finally a setting meant to centre launched apps.

Leaving aside these settings and additional features, Aeternum also has a couple of improvements which work towards making it better from all the points of view. With this in mind, the Cydia app now has an improved placement of the icons which is great for making sure that they fill the screen better. Together with this, the minimum zoom level and the appearance of the Spotlight icon in the homepage have also improved, thus making sure that things are better to look at.

There are also a couple of fixes that just sprung to life with the newest update which include some annoying issues such as the fact that the Spotlight keyboard would not show up automatically, missing icons, crashing, hard to click icons, long loading times and some other bugs to improve the overall performance of the app and make sure that it is easier to use.

While not everyone may cherish the idea of getting the Apple Watch layout on their iOS devices, I still believe that this app is a worth a try for just about anyone who has a jailbroken device, as it definitely is the best of its kind and an experience worth having. While the Cydia tweak may cost $2.99, the truth is that it is worth its price from all the points of view, as the developers also seem to be listening to the comments of the users and to be constantly working in order to improve the app even more.

Based on everything that has been outlined so far about Aeternum, what do you think about it? If you’ve used it until now, what did you like and did not like about it? Please let us know in the comment section below.

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