Get rid of your dock with Abeo

One of the main benefits of Jailbreaking an iOS device refers to the fact that doing so may allow you to customize your iPhone and make the user interface look differently. A great Cydia tweak that is also available with the iOS 8 jailbreak is known by the name of Abeo and helps users get rid of their device’s dock.

While the dock represents one of the most loved aspects of iOS ever since it was created, there are times when all of us feel the need to experiment with different customization options and find something that suits our style.

As a Cydia tweak, Abeo has one main feature and that is to remove the dock. Unfortunately, the Cydia tweak doesn’t actually replace the dock with a row of icons, but rather increases the space between the rows in order to fit a total of 5 rows on the screen which may be considered an idea that may sound appealing to some.

Thanks to the fact that it’s also extremely easy to use and works as soon as it has been downloaded via Cydia, Abeo is perfect for everyone who isn’t really a fan of the dock and would like to experiment using their iOS device without it.

Have you ever tried Abeo out? What did you think about it?

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