Get the best out of your camera with CameraTweak

One thing that Apple should really spend some more time working on is the both the camera hardware used on their devices, but also the software accompanying it. For those who would like to get some more functionality out of their iOS cameras, CameraTweak is a great jailbreak tweak that has the scope of adding a large number of features to the stock Camera app.


The truth is that before Apple made some tweaks to its camera, CameraTweak was a must-have Cydia app by people from all around the world. Now, while it may not be as essential as it once was, it brings in more functionality, so it’s still an app worth considering.

When it comes down to the features offered by this Cydia tweak, it is worth mentioning that it offers 4 enhancements in total, each with its own features. The photo camera gets a timer, time lapse, photo dimension toggle. The video camera gets while balance lock, dimension toggle FPS changer, portrait orientation. The focus of the camera gets some advances exposure and better focus, while the composition overlays gets golden ration, trisections and much more.

All of the features that have been outlined so far smartly integrate within the stock Camera app, which means that users don’t have to use any of the annoying third part apps in order to ensure smart picture taking. The ease of use of this app is also worth talking about, as there aren’t really any hard to use configuration panels, which means that users can easily handle picture taking without encountering any issues related to the ease of use.

Based on everything that has been outlined so far, do you think that CameraTweak is a Cydia app worth trying out? If you’ve already used it, what did you think about it? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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