Use AnyDrop to easily move system files

AirDrop is definitely an awesome feature that Apple customers from all around the world may be using on a daily basis. However, as easy as it may seem to operate and as good of a concept that it turns out to be, AirDrop has one major issue: the inability to send over files of all sizes. Fortunately, this issue is addressed with the help of AnyDrop 3, which is an awesome Cydia app that aims to make AirDrop compatible with native system files, applications, music, photos and more.

Once the app has been downloaded via Cydia, users will have to go ahead and look for the app on their device’s home screen. AnyDrop 3 is designed in the form of iFile, thus allowing users to easily go ahead and search for a variety of different files over on their devices. Once a file that a user would like to share has been found, you’ll only need to click on it and the I button that will appear close to it. Once this is done, the device will go ahead and look for all of the available AirDrop devices in the area and then transfer the file over to the device of your choice.

Based on everything that has been mentioned so far, in terms of usability, AnyDrop 3 should be handled by anyone with technical knowledge on iOS. What do you personally think about the smart Cydia tweak? Would you recommend it to a friend? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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