iFile has an exciting update for iOS 8 and iPhone 6 users

Hundreds have tried to create a great Cydia app that can be used to look through a device and make modifications, but many have failed. However, one of the best ‘finder-like’ apps which also works on the iOS 8 jailbreak is known by the name of iFile.

iFile, the reputable management app for iPhones, has received several recent updates in order to make it work better for users. The Finder-like tool has also been updated for iOS 8 and additional iPhone 6 and 6 Plus support is now available. iFile is a great Cydia app which is useful since it enables you to manage your files and to easily look throughout parts of your device that Apple doesn’t normally give users access to. Among the recent updates are more icons for the iPhone 6 Plus, extra Hebrew localization and a change in the search icon from a magnifying glass to an activity indicator while in use.

There have also been several problems fixed, including issues with external viewers not being listed, Bluetooth transfers via GameKit which previously were not working, a bug in Box SDK which was causing iOS 8 launches to crash and certain problems with integers containing decimal indicators.

Having this app has been described as having access to the OS X Finder on iOS, since it allows the installation of .deb files, renaming of files, the unzipping of files and the management of the iOS native file system. All of these features together with many more work together towards making iFile a great jailbreak app that you may just happen to use on a daily basis.

The update is 100% free for those who have already installed the app, but costs $3.99 for any new users which may be the only downside of iFile.

Have you ever tried this Cydia app out? If yes, what did you think?

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