WeatherPeek – A Nifty Weather App for Your Home Screen

It seems that we just can’t get enough of weather apps. Not surprising – it allows us to prepare better for going outside, as well as giving us something to talk to with random strangers we happen to encounter in elevators. In essence, weather is a sure way to break an awkward silence; WeatherPeek is here to help you deal just with that sort of an issue.

WeatherPeek, developed by AtomDevTeam, is exactly what it says on the tin; it allows you to use a special ‘peek’ motion while on Home screen to check the current weather forecast. The peek motion is rather simple – you tap and sweep the screen to bring up the WeatherPeek menu. Otherwise, it is hidden and doesn’t crowd your icons with unnecessary spam.

When the app is first installed, you’re lead through a rather detailed setup process. There are three locations to place your WeatherPeek, and the nifty graphics and sound effects make the entire process rather pleasant to both eye and ear. Apparently a lot of effort has been put in the app; it really shows.

The way your weather location is determined is rather nifty. As opposed to using different location services, you only need to tap your location on your map, and WeatherPeek will automatically adjust to your location and local weather forecast services.

Bear in mind that your Home screen isn’t the only place where you can check the weather; your Lock screen and Spotlight screen are also eligible to feature the app. However, the original placing works very well on most devices.

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WeatherPeek is still being worked on and improved, so we hope to see it being at its best soon enough. Currently, it works very well, and is definitely one of the best weather apps we have seen in quite some time. See it for yourself and check out if it works for you.

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