Central Hider allows you to disable Control Center or Notification center via an Activator gesture

While playing a game, especially those with controls on the edges of the screen, you might accidentally open the Notification Center or the Control Center while making a swipe gesture. It can be quite annoying when you’re at a sensitive point of the game and this happens. Central Hider is a jailbreak tweak that saves your day by getting rid of this annoyance.

With Central Hider, you can quickly disable the Notification Center or the Control Center by invoking the tweak with an Activator gesture. Once they’re disabled, swiping from the top of the screen will no more launch Notification Center. Similarly, swiping up from the bottom of the screen will do nothing.

Using the same Activator gesture again, you can disable the tweak and gain access to both the Notification Center or Control Center again.

Once you install the tweak, head to its preference pane from the stock Settings app to configure it. From there, you can manually enable or disable Control Center or the Notification Center or you can set Activator actions to automatically enable or disable either of the features. Once you’re done, no respring is required. You can start the using the Activator gestures you set earlier to activate or deactivate the tweak.

The tweak will definitely come in handy in many situations, especially while playing an intense game. If you want to give this tweak a try, head to Cydia now and download it for free. It requires iOS 7 to work properly.

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