No Passcode LockOut prevents your device from temporarily locking from wrong passcodes

By | September 8, 2014

When you enter too many wrong passcodes on iPhone, you’ll be locked out of the device for a specific period of time. It increases gradually as you enter more wrong passcodes. Indeed, this is a good form of security but it can be annoying in situations when your device ends up in your friend’s hands who’ll want to tease you.

If you ever wanted to get rid of this feature, you should probably check out a cydia tweak known as No Passcode LockOut.  It will save your day by disabling this annoying security precaution.

After installing it, no matter how many times you enter the passcode wrong, you’ll never be locked out. In fact, the device will continue to ask for the passcode without preventing you. This way, your friend can never tease you again with this annoying prank.

No Passcode LockOut cydia tweak

As usual, once you install it, the tweak adds a preferences pane where you can enable or disable it via the kill-switch toggle. You’ll also have to respring your device whenever you toggle the option. It can be useful when your device is in a safe environment, away from the reach of pranksters.

As you’d expect, the cydia tweak is available on Cydia’s BigBoss repository for free of charge and requires iOS 7.1.x to work properly.

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  • Tudor Tonca

    it works, my iPod didn”t locked, but it doesn”t recognise my code. I tried to put my correct code but it doesn”t work, it says that the code is wrong. HELP ME PLS :///