5 Essential iphone Cydia Apps

When first jailbreaking your phone you might be overwhelmed with all the apps being thrown at you. Cydia apps are different from the appstore as there are less restrictions. So there will be a whole bunch of new apps at your fingertips ready to play with. We have done the research for you and made a list of 5 iPhone Cydia apps that you should install when starting out!

So lets dive right into it.

1. Winterboard

If you like to customize your iOS device you are going to love Winterboard. The cydia app winterboard allows you to “theme” your device however you like. Within Cydia there are themes that can be downloaded to customize the appearance of your device. This is a must have for all jailbroken devices.

2. Adblocker

Everyone hates ads, but they are everywhere. This awesome Cydia app makes life a bit easier. When you download and activate this app it links up with safari on your iOS device and begins to block ads while you browse the web. Heres to ad free web browsing!

3. iUnlock

iUnlock is a Cydia app that allows the user to spice up the lock screen. Everything from adding a ripple effect when you swipe to unlock, to adding different gestures to unlock the screen. For example you can have the app set the lockscreen to unlock when you swipe down rather then across. I have had this app on every jailbreak thus far and I highly recommend it.

4. iTouch Settings

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Ever wish your device had a setting to control the touch sensitivity? Well with iTouch settings that problem was solved. Just download the app and go to settings, and you are good to go.

5. All in One Ringtone Box

One of the big reasons people jailbreak their device is to get free ringtones. Well with this cydia app you have access to over 100k of them! This is another app I always download when jailbreaking my new device!

Got an app that you think is a must download? Comment Below!

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