iOS 8 Jailbreak is now one step closer

Well it looks like good news is on the way, the latest tweet from the PanguTeam, the chinese hacking team responsible for jailbreaking iOS 7.1.1, are now one step closer closer with the iOS 8 jailbreak. The tweet reads: “iOS 8 Jailbreak is now one step closer”.

iOS 8 jailbreak

However for some unknown reason the tweet was deleted minutes later. Just after typing a quick reply message and hitting enter the “sorry that page doesn’t exist” message appeared.

Whether this was an accidental tweet not yet ready for public consumption or simply a deliberate attempt to draw up excitement and suspense, we’re still not sure yet. My guess is, this was purely accidental and hope to expect another similar tweet regarding progress made on the iOS 8 jailbreak to follow from the PanguTeam very soon. The above tweet falls in line with a recent post made on chinese microblogging site Weibu, in which the Panguteam stated in regards to the iOS 8 jailbreak “We are already on the way”.

If you haven’t already, follow our guide and download iOS 8 GM. However with every new iOS release, one question always presents itself, in this case: “Shall I upgrade to iOS 8, try out all the new features and lose my jailbreak or stick with my current jailbroken device and wait till the iOS 8 jailbreak is available?”

Well if the above deleted tweet is anything to go by, the iOS 8 jailbreak is in full operation and hopefully the iOS 8 jailbreak download is just around the corner.

We are all aware of the wide variety of benefits that jailbreaking your iOS device may offer. With this in mind, thanks to the great features that iOS 8 already has, we may actually get to see some new types of cydia apps, perfect for making your device better from all the points of view. Some reports are indicating that once the iOS 8 jailbreak is released by Pangu, we may actually get to see some jailbreak features that include third-party Touch ID cydia apps, widgets, extension supports, NFC tweaks and much more, all created with the idea of bringing in more functionality to your phone.

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Together with this, it also means that users who simply can’t live without jailbreaking their iPhones will just have to wait for a little period of time until the jailbreak is released. Regardless of this, things will only begin to move forward once the actual jailbreak is released, so we’ll have to wait a bit more until the Panguteam will be able to  and make it run Cydia and the other innovative jailbreak apps. While we’re not sure about the exact release date, we may see the Pangu iOS 8 jailbreak get here in around 1-2 weeks.

If you’re wondering about whether you should update to iOS 8, then it would be best to wait a little more. As it is iOS 8 is amazing due to third party keyboard support and similar cydia like tweaks in iOS 8. Additionally, the new iOS  also dramatically slows down the iPhone 4S, so if you do happen to have one, it’s best to stick to iOS 7 especially as the iOS 8 jailbreak is now one step closer (guys).

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