Activator: Simply the best jailbreak app

There are hundreds of Cydia tweaks that anyone with a jailbroken device can use in order to make their lives better and have the opportunity to interact with their device at a far more superior level. One of the most important, and must have Cydia applications is known by the name of Activator.

Not only can it be used as a standalone app, but it also represents the backbone of a very high number of Cydia tweaks which have something to do with multi touch and gesture based controls. Leaving aside the fact that many jailbreak apps are dependent on it, Activator can also be used by users like you and me in order to get access to a wide variety of smart features that can make things go on much smoother.

The features that this cydia app has can be easily integrated into your daily lives to do things such as launching apps quickly, playing music or performing other system actions through the use of smart gestures. With this in mind, once the app is downloaded, a user can then select where they would like to perform a gesture in order to allow it to do its job. What’s amazingly useful is the fact that gestures can be done just about anywhere, so you can easily swipe your screen on a certain part while in an app to perform a certain system function. However, the Activator app doesn’t only work through the use of your device’s touch screen. Certain functions can also be activated by pressing physical buttons such as the home button or shaking the device and simply everything can be controlled through the settings that the app has.

Now, why would you even need such an extensive range of settings? Well, the large amount of controls that Activator offers can give you the answer. With this in mind, not only can you open any app with a quick gesture, but you can also initiate certain system functions including playing music, opening certain settings, writing messages, rebooting your device, toggling Wi-Fi and many more.

While chances are that you may already have Activator on your device, if you still don’t, the tweak can be easily downloaded via Cydia and enjoyed as it comes with an easy installation and is pretty much the best app in this niche, thanks to the fact that it offers any iDevice user unlimited control and flexibility over certain functions of their product.

If you haven’t done so already, go ahead and jailbreak your device by following the iOS 7 jailbreak guide.

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