Add shortcuts to your keyboard with SwipeExpander

There are tons of Cydia apps and cydia tweaks out there, some better when compared to others, but each one severs a main purpose which makes it unique in a certain way as no jailbreak app is the same. We all know what shortcuts are and how they can save us time both in real life, but also online or on the devices that we use. Today, we’ll talk about an app which is known by the name of SwipeExpander.

Its name doesn’t necessarily ring a bell unless you’ve heard about the app before. It was designed to allow iOS users to use the keyboard of their device to create and apply shortcuts that can do a wide variety of actions. Not only can such a thing be extremely useful when you don’t feel like holding down on your screen for a couple of seconds to engage the copy/paste action, but it can also be used for doing other sorts of actions much faster than before.

With this in mind, some of the main features of SwipeExpander allow users to cut, copy, paste, redo, undo, redo, insert text, select, dismiss autocorrect or keyboard and select all. Using the app requires the user to go through a setup process where different actions can be assigned to the device’s keys. Another interesting thing is the fact that users actually have the choice of some other actions as well, thus making this app useful in many situations.

When it comes down to the installation process and the ease of use, this app can be considered easy to use by just about anyone who has some knowledge referring to Jailbreaking. After the application is installed via Cydia and the setup process is completed, the defined shortcuts can be used just about anywhere that the keyboard is displayed by swiping up or down on the keys that have been previously defined. It is also important to remember that this cydia app was designed in such a way to allow it to work well with other keyboard tweaking Cydia apps as well which is great for just about any jailbreak enthusiast.

All in all, SwipeExpander is not a great Cydia app, but it can be useful for anyone as saving time is after all something that we’re all trying to do thorough little gestures without really realising. Have you ever tried it out? If yes, what do you think about it? Would you considering recommending it to a friend? As always if you haven’t already, learn how to jailbreak and download and install cydia here.

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