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What You Need to Know About the Auxo 3 Cydia Tweak

Cydia tweaks are applications whose primary function is to modify an iPhone or iPod Touch operating system in one way or another.

One of the best tweaks out there is the Auxo 3.

Auxo 3 is one of the most popular Cydia tweaks for iOS devices. It has been downloaded over 1 million times, and it’s still a top-rated tweak on Cydia. The question now is what sets Auxo 3 apart from other tweaks?

Through this article, we’ll go over what the Auxo 3 tweak does, how you can get it, and some tips to use the Auxo 3. Let’s dive in.


What is Auxo 3?

Auxo 3 Cydia Tweak is a Cydia tweak made by the developers at Sentry.

Sentry is an iOS development company that tries to push the boundaries of what’s possible for jailbreak apps and tweaks. Auxo 3 was first released in December 2012 and has had three updates since then. It uses Cydget, another Cydia tweak, to work its magic on your device. What makes it so special?

Auxo Cydia tweak makes it possible for users to quickly navigate through utility apps like flashlight, music control, and volume controls that are otherwise accessible by swiping up from the bottom of the screen in iOS 8 without using buttons.

It adds a movable panel to each side of the device’s Home screen that users can drag up from either edge or bottom of their devices’ screens.

The panel can then be used to either trigger a set of actions or toggle functions for the apps and Cydia tweaks installed on the device.

In short, Auxo 3 grants users improved control over various functions of iOS devices.

It adds an additional convenience that can be utilized to access functions and other tweaks in an instant.

How to Install Auxo 3?

In order to install the Auxo 3 Cydia tweak, you need to have Cydget Cydia installed on your device. If you already haven’t Cydia installed or Cydget Cydia, here’s how you can get it.

First, open Cydia. Search for and download Cydget. After opening Cydget, it will now display all available tweaks that are compatible with Cydget. The next step is to find the tweak you want to download. In this case, it is Auxo 3.

There will be two versions of Auxo that will pop up, namely the Auxo Cydia tweak and the Auxo Cydget Cydia tweak (AUXO3 Cydget is Cydia’s own rebranded version). Choose whichever one that you like or fits your device better.

Click on the Install button next to the one you choose. The install process should take a few seconds to complete depending on how fast your internet connection is and then it will show you a white screen with some information about Auxo Cydia tweak.

Now click on the Respring button at bottom right corner of your Cydia screen which displays this white screen. Cydia will now close and take you back to your Springboard (aka Home Screen). After Cydia has refreshed, Auxo Cydia tweak is ready for use.

Tips for Using Auxo 3

Let’s get into several useful tips for using the Auxo 3 Cydia Tweak. The three biggest features of the Auxo 3 are the Multi-Center, the Quick Switcher, and the Hot Corners.

The Multi-Center feature of the Auxo 3 has combined the functions of the app switcher and the control center. In one smooth stroke, you’ll be able to go back and forth between apps, as well as control various operations like volume, brightness, and many more.

You’ll no longer need to use the home button to access these features. With the Auxo 3, all you need to do is slide up from the bottom of the screen. Afterwards, you can simply slide down from a previewed app to bring it front and center. You also have the option to slide up and close all the apps.

With the Auxo 3, you can also slide from the bottom left part of the screen. This brings up a menu where running apps can be seen. Users can simply select any app to switch to it.

The final big feature of Auxo 3 is the Hot Corners. With a quick swipe from the bottom right side of the screen, you can return to the home screen in an instant. If these directions aren’t to your liking, you can setup which corner does what in the advanced options screen of Auxo 3.

As you can see, Auxo 3 is one of those must-have Cydia tweaks that makes the lives of iOS device users so much easier.

The Auxo 3 app is a recent update that allows it to run on many iOS versions. It does away with any pesky compatibility issues, making it available for many – if not all – iOS devices.


Download Auxo 3 Now For a More Convenient Experience

The Auxo 3 Cydia Tweak is one of the best ones in the market today. The tweak comes with some amazing features that make it easy to manage all of your apps and files in an organized fashion.

If you don’t have any experience using Cydia tweaks before, Auxo 3 has been designed specifically for newcomers so there should be no trouble learning how to use it.

Download the Auxo 3 Cydia Tweak now for a more convenient and comfortable experience.

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