Auxo Legacy Edition, Coming Next Month!

I believe I’m not the only one who’s been waiting for the Auxo Legacy Edition. After a few teasers, including the one released just a few days ago, it is now confirmed that the Auxo Legacy Edition will soon be available. In fact, it is coming next month!

Auxo Legacy Edition is a much anticipated revival of the original Auxo. It is a jailbreak tweak designed to revamp the Notification Bar and Recent Apps interface completely. It adds cards and a wealth of other features to the mix. It also looks much better than the standard iOS Recent Apps interface.

You can quickly remove apps from the switcher by swiping it down. You can also kill multiple apps at once using multiple fingers; this is very handy if you are trying to quickly kill a bunch of process before a respring or when the iPhone is not functioning as optimally.

There is also an improved music control and the ability to recognize taps and gestures. Controlling your music doesn’t get any easier than this. From what we know so far, Auxo Legaxy Edition is also very clever. Say you are trying to close an app that is running in the background (i.e. playing music or downloading). The switcher will notify you about the background process and ask if you really want to kill the process.

Recently, a similar tweak called Stratos is also made available. It offers the same set of features as Auxo Legacy Edition, though the later may be doing things better out of experience. However, the constant update of apps like these can actually make iOS devices from all around the world much more usable- at least until Apple decides to incorporate some of these functions on their devices, thus not giving people a reason to jailbreak anymore.

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By keeping everything that has been outlined so far in mind, will you stick to Stratos? Or are you interested in trying the Auxo Legacy Edition? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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