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A very interesting feature that both Android phones, but even Nokia phones running their own software have and had had in the past is related to the idea of adding call favourites on the lock screen or home screen of your device. CallShortcut represents a great Cydia app that will allow you to do just that on iOS 7 and most probably on the iOS 8 jailbreak as well once it is released.

Once a contact or more are added to your home screen, you can easily go ahead and call them whenever you’d like, as the Cydia tweak doesn’t only play a visual role, but also the role of an utility meant to make calling people you speak to often a much easier, but also faster experience for people from all around the world.

When it comes down to the ease of use of this Cydia tweak, it is safe to say that just about anyone can use CallShortcut without encountering any trouble. Once the Cydia app is installed, users can go ahead and launch the Contacts stock app. Once this is done, they can tap on a contact, scroll down and finally tap on the ‘Add to Home Screen’ option that appears thanks to the app. Once this is done, the contact will appear on the home screen like a normal app icon, with the picture of your friend/relative and their name. Simply clicking on the app will automatically engage the call, thus making things faster from all the points of view.

While it is great that CallShortcut offers users the ability to quickly dial contacts from their home screen, I personally believe that adding an option to do the same thing on the lock screen as well would make things even easier, although this isn’t really possible because clicking on them by mistake would cause phone calls that you may not want.

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All in all, CallShortcut represents a pretty nice Cydia tweak, that just about anyone who would like to call people faster can use. Have you ever tried it before? Also, what other calling Cydia apps would you recommend?

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