Auxo Legacy Edition: Coming Really Soon!

Auxo Legacy Edition was first announced a few months ago. Since then, a lot of people, Auxo’s existing users and non-users alike, have been waiting for this new jailbreak tweak to finally be available. Well, the wait is almost over, because Auxo Legacy Edition will soon be available through Cydia.

Here’s the first good news: if you own Auxo 2 or Auxo 3, you can purchase this new Auxo Legacy Edition for just $0.99. The rest of Cydia users can pick up Auxo Legacy Edition for $1.99. The extra discount for existing users is a huge plus indeed, especially for those who bought the Auxo 2 & 3 just recently.

Auxo itself is no stranger to the jailbreak scene. The original app basically laid the foundation for some of the best, most modern app switcher and other tweaks we know today. The latest version, also known as Auxo LE, will bring card preview interface and a much better flow of switching between apps to iOS 8.

Personally, I don’t know why Apple didn’t integrate the features that Auxo Legacy Edition offers into iOS 8 by default. The functionalities are beautifully designed, creating a much better, much more fluid user interface in general. There are a few things you will be able to do once Auxo Legacy Edition is installed, including:

  • Move from apps to apps using card previews. You can see the latest state of every app once Auxo Legacy Edition is activated, making it much easier to take a peak at other apps. This feature is also very fun to use thanks to the fluid animations and great user interface.
  • Access quick settings and take control over your music playback with the auxiliary pages added by Auxo Legacy Edition.
  • Auxo Legacy Edition will also come with advanced settings, which means you can fine-tune every part of the jailbreak tweak to better suit your personal preferences. This also means you can fine-tune the whole iOS experience to your liking.

Reviews (and previews) have shown how this new version of Auxo is much better than the previous iterations. The previous versions, including Auxo 3, always felt a bit slow and laggy. With the Auxo Legacy Edition, the animations and features are very snappy and enjoyable to use.

If you still want to use Auxo 2 and Auxo 3, buying Auxo Legacy Edition will also reduce the cost of these two versions to $0.99. If there is one jailbreak tweak that all iOS 8 users should have, Auxo Legacy Edition is the one. I can see this tweak becoming very popular once it is officially available through Cydia.

Based on everything that has been outlined so far, what do you think about this Cydia tweak? Will you try Auxo Legacy Edition or use it regularly? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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