Better One-Handed Use with Upcoming Tweak

Mohammad Abu-Garbeyyeh or MohammadAG is planning to release an upcoming jailbreak tweak that will change the way you use your iPhone entirely. Shrinkability, the name of the upcoming jailbreak tweak, take cues from Samsung’s one-handed mode and will add similar features to iOS. Interested?

What the jailbreak does is allow a gesture and shrink the displayed screen to one corner of the screen when the gesture is recognized. With the displayed screen now well within the reach of your thumb entirely, using the iPhone or other iOS device in one handed more will be so much easier to do.

Shrinkability improves Apple’s own Reachability by adding features that users will like. The ability to shrink to any corner of the phone depending on how you are using the device is a huge plus. The gesture is also much easier to use, which means you can call Shrinkability and get out of this mode just as easily.

From the demo video published by MuhammadAG, we can see that Shrinkability is not a Reachability tweak. It is meant to replace Reachability entirely. There is a toggle on Shrinkability’s Settings screen that allows users to disable Reachability completely.

MuhammadAG is no stranger to creating superb jailbreak tweaks. He is also the developer that allows iPhone users to pair their phones with Android Wear watches. Shrinkability is yet to be released – and there is no information whether the tweak will be available for free – but we will provide you with an update as soon as we get our hands on Shrinkabilty.

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