Full-Screen App Switcher with FullSwitch

FullSwitch, as the name suggests, is a jailbreak tweak designed to customize the way app cards are shown in App Switcher. Instead of the original small cards we have with the iOS App Switcher, the tweak will provide you with full-screen cards. This jailbreak tweak will certainly be popular among those who think the original app cards are way too small to show a preview.

Similar to many jailbreak tweaks, you can install FullSwitch from BigBoss repo. Once installed, you can access the Settings screen of FullSwitch to turn it on. You will now have full-screen previews of the apps you have opened when you open the App Switcher window.

There are also other options on the Settings screen. For starters, you have the option to turn Multitasking Indicator on or off. I suggest you leave this on, because it shows arrows on the bottom part of the screen. The arrows let you know that you are in the App Switcher window and not having the displayed app open. It can also be used to move through opened apps.

You can customize the way the arrows are displayed by tapping the Customize menu in the Settings window. You can move the arrows to most parts of the screen and make it more suitable to your usage habit.

You can also activate the Home Screen Menu option. This gives you the ability to open a simple Home Screen menu by swiping up on the Home screen App Switcher preview. The gesture brings up a set of new buttons that allow you to close all apps, respring or reboot the device with just one tap.

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FullSwitch has one additional feature that some of you might like: the Privacy Mode. When activated, the full-screen app cards are blurred and obscured. This prevents those around you from taking a peek at your screen and seeing what your apps are showing. However, the blur effect is not strong enough to obscure most app cards.

FullSwitch is available for free, so there is no harm in giving this jailbreak tweak a try. It is  a very handy tweak that certainly makes the whole iOS App Switcher experience much better. The only complain I have when trying this tweak is the fact that I often mistook the App Switcher preview cards with an actual opened app when the Multitasking Indicator is switched off.

Based on everything that has been outlined so far, do you like FullSwitch’s full-screen app cards? Is this a Cydia app that you may consider getting? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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