Change the colour of your notifications with xNotiLockColor

The Cydia market is full of different jailbreak tweaks that can change the way things are displayed on your iOS device. Today we’ll be covering an interesting cydia app known by the name of xNotiLockColor.

Chances are that the cydia apps name may actually give you a hint referring to what it does. Well, as simple as it may seem, the cydia apps simple purpose of changing the notification’s colours can actually be considered quite a smart idea, as many people with jailbroken devices enjoy tweaking around with the display settings in order to make it look more personalized, but also to give others a hint of their personality.

What’s interesting is also the fact that each part of a notification can have a different colour, so you won’t have to stick around with only one if you don’t want to, thus allowing creative minds to come up with some pretty great overall design that can greatly change the way that an iDevice looks when it receives a notification.

When it comes down to the installation and the ease of use of the cydia app, it can be said that even somebody with no technical knowledge can figure things out without any help. Once xNotiLockColor is downloaded from cydia (which you can learn to download cydia for iOS 8 here) users get the chance of tweaking its settings in order to create a unique way in which they would like their notifications to be displayed. Unfortunately, one thing I couldn’t help but notice was the fact that the app doesn’t currently offer colour pallets, so for now, you would have to stick to the basic colour options that the cydia app offers. While this may not be a problem at all, it would have been fun to actually have more colour choices or also be able to change the font/size of the notifications in order to grant them a look which is even more different.

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All in all, it can be honestly said that xNotiLockColor is a fun to use and smart cydia tweak that doesn’t have a lot of features, but it’s great at what it does. Have you ever tried it out? Would you recommend it to a friend? What other design customization cydia apps do you have on your iPhone?

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