IMods: The Next Big Cydia Alternative?

We’ve seen a lot of Cydia alternatives over the years. They come and go for various reasons, but none were captivating enough to actually replace Cydia. IMods, on the other hand, may be different. Unlike Extensify, which we featured earlier, iMods is a full-on Cydia replacement that offers a lot of interesting things.

Prettier and More Functional

Cydia is not the best app when it comes to user interface. IMods intend to change that by offering users a much prettier user interface, with flat design elements and smooth animations that are inline with Apple’s own design codes. The developers behind iMods released a Beta walkthrough video that shows how iMods function.

Functions-wise, iMods is also very appealing. The video shows how tweaks and apps are installed in a smooth manner. Users can also read reviews and use ratings to determine the best jailbreak tweaks to install.

Another reason why iMods may be the Cydia alternative we’ve all been waiting for is the support of developers itself. We can expect to see a lot of tweaks and apps being made available once iMods is officially available. Comex, a well-known developer within the jailbreaking community, is also helping the project in more ways than one.

Closer to App Store

You really have to watch the video to know just how good iMods is. The video shows how easy it is to log in using an iMods account. Once logged in, users can browse through tweaks and apps fluidly. There are screenshots to view and descriptions to read, along with reviews, ratings and other information to help users choose the right jailbreak tweaks and apps to use.

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Installing (and purchasing) apps is also very easy to do. A tap and a simple confirmation are all that is needed to download and install jailbreak apps. Managing installed apps and keeping your overall iOS experience as pleasant as it can be are also very easy to do with iMods.

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Summer Release

From the looks of things, there are still a lot to do before iMods can be used by the general users. The video, although very detailed, doesn’t really show how it would be like to use iMods on a day-to-day basis as a true Cydia replacement. It is still very interesting nonetheless.

I personally love the user interface of iMods. The choice of colours, simple animations and the overall clean look are much, much better compared to Cydia’s current user interface. These improvements will make navigating through jailbreak tweaks, choosing the right apps to install and discovering great things that can be done to iOS much more pleasant.

IMods is at its Beta stage at the moment, but the developers are signalling a Summer release. With Summer actually ending soon, we may be seeing iMods sooner than later.

Based on everything that has been outlined so far, do you consider using iMods as a Cydia alternative an option? Do you like the useri interface of iMods? What do you think of the walkthrough video? Let us know what you think in the Comments section below.

On a personal note, I honestly believe that this Cydia app has great potential of replacing Cydia, mostly due to the fact that it offers wonderful design, and is also considerably easier to use when compared to Cydia. While Cydia has been the norm for a long period of time and while we strongly support it, the truth is that a few updates should be released, to make the jailbreak app easier to use. In turn, this will surely make jailbreaking popular all over again.

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