Hermes is a quick reply solution for iOS 7

Although iOS 7 has improved greatly compared to iOS 6, it still lacks a few features such as quick reply which many users have been waiting for. This feature has been implemented in iOS 8, but if you want to enjoy a similar one on iOS 7, you should probably check out a cydia tweak known as Hermes.

Hermes is a lightweight quick reply tweak for iOS 7 that allows you to quickly reply to incoming messages from anywhere within iOS. One of the greatest benefits of the tweak is that it not only works with the stock Messages app but with Whatsapp and Kik as well.

When you receive a new message, a notification banner pops up on the top of your screen. Without the cydia tweak installed, you can’t interact with the notification banner, other than launch the application. However, with Hermes installed, a new “Reply” button appears next to the message on the Notification banner. Tapping on it displays a pop-up interface where you can view the message as well as type in your reply.

Once you install the cydia tweak, you can configure it from its preference panel in the stock Settings app. There, you’ll find three toggles corresponding to each of the apps that the tweak supports. The toggles allow you to choose which social messages apps you want the cydia tweak to work with.

After you’ve made your choices, you’ll have to respring your device for the changes to take place. The developer also notes that the social messaging apps should be running in the background if you want the quick reply feature to work properly.

Hermes works nicely, but the its only issue is that its limited to the Notification banners which means you can’t use the tweak to quickly reply from the Notification Center or the Lock screen.

Hermes can be downloaded right now from Cydia’s BigBoss repository and it costs $0.99. What do you think? Is it better compared to other similar quick reply tweaks on Cydia?

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