Cydia Download for iOS 7

Download Cydia in a few simple steps

So you finally made the jump. Decided to go ahead and jailbreak for iOS 7 and now you are looking for cydia apps for iOS 7. Well is glad you made it here. We strive to bring you the most updated list of apps when you decide to download cydia for iOS 7.

Download Cydia for iOS 7

As I am sure you know, the iOS 7 jailbreak has made it to the public. This is amazing progress for jailbreak end users like us. But after you jailbreak iOS 7 what do you do next? Well the simple answer is to download cydia for iOS 7 and start installing cydia apps and tweaks. The man by the username Saurik, is working on a cydia store for the updated jailbreak. As soon as that is released we will have a video and links on how download cydia for iOS 7. But for now is keeping a list of cydia apps ready for iOS 7 jailbreak. So keep an eye out.

When can I download cydia for iOS 7?

As of now the download for cydia on iOS 7 is under construction. The iOS 7 jailbreak was released with little notice to cydia app developers so now the jailbreak community is playing catch up. But as passionate as cydia app developers are, even without the mobile substrate, there are still critical cydia apps for iOS 7 ready to be downloaded to hold users over. As stated before, recommends watching the Jailbreak subreddit to keep up with new releases. Or you can subscribe to our newsletter and will update you bi-weekly on iOS 7 ready cydia apps that you need to have.

Overall is here to try and make the cydia iOS 7 app selection easier for every user. We are here to help you sort through the junk and find the gems. If you see a cydia iOS 7 app that we have not featured or reviewed, please drop us a line in a comment so we can share it with the jailbreak community.

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