InstaRealDate displays the exact timestamp of an Instagram post

Instagram has been garnering more and more users every day and has become a popular place for people and friends to share photos and videos. If you’re an existing user of Instagram, you’ll know that it doesn’t display the exact timestamp of a post. For example, it shows that an image was posted ’13h’ ago rather than showing the exact time and date. InstaRealDate is a cydia app that debuted on Cydia recently and aims to get rid of this annoying issue.

Developed by ryebread761InstaRealDate displays a more descriptive timestamp of an image or a video, which includes the day, month, year and the time that a post was submitted. If you’re not aware where the timestamp is located, it can be found above every media content in the left corner.

Once you install InstaRealDate, you’ll still view the less-informative timestamp. However, tapping on it will display you the exact timestamp such as ‘9/11/14. 5:41 PM’. This will give you a more clear idea of when a post was submitted rather than requiring you to guess the time and date all by yourself.

The cydia app also comes with zero configuration. All you gotta do is launch Instagram and tap on the default timestamp to view the more detailed one. It also works perfectly with the latest version of Instagram which is v.6.0.8.

Best of all, the cydia app is available for free of charge and can be download via Cydia’s BigBoss repository. Keep in mind that the cydia app might or might not work with future Instagram updates so confirm it from the developer before updating the app.

What do you think of InstaRealDate? Do you prefer the default timestamp? Let us know in the comments section below what you think of this cydia app.

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