Keep track of the number of emails in the Mail app with Inbox Count

One of the notable features that can be found on firmwares below iOS 7 is that the stock Mail app clearly shows how many mails are available in the stock Mail app. However, this feature didn’t make it to iOS 7 for unknown reasons. If you wish to revive and bring it back to iOS 7, you should probably check out a cydia app called Inbox Count.

The name is pretty obvious of what the cydia tweak does. Inbox Count keeps track of the amount of emails you’ve received in an individual inbox as well as combined. As you can see from the screenshots below, a number will be added next to the “All Inbox” text indicating the total amount of emails. More interesting is that the cydia tweak displays additional information when you open a particular email.

That’s all the cydia tweak offers and it obviously has no configurations to make. Simply install Inbox Count and you’ll notice the changes in the stock Mail app.

Although the cydia tweak does not add a major feature, some users including myself will definitely find it useful. If you’re one of us who wants such a feature, you can grab Inbox Count right now from Cydia’s BigBoss repository for free of charge. The cydia tweak like so many cydia tweaks now also supports all iOS 7 devices.

What do you think of Inbox Count? Is it something you’ve been craving for? Let us know in the comments section below.

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