Over 1.3 million apps have been posted on the App Store

Apple’s iPhone 6 event just started around 20 minutes ago, and we’ve seen some exciting news including two different sized iPhones known by the names of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

We’ve now seen Apple mention that since the App Store was created, over 1.3 million apps have been created in total. Well, I’m personally very curious to find out how many apps would there be in total if we also were to take in consideration the high number of Cydia apps that have been announced over the years, ever since the first iPhone appeared Saurik created Cydia. 

It seems like Apple also has some exciting news for app developers from all around the world who have successfully used Apple’s xCode services to build a wide variety of apps. With this in mind, it seems that now developers will have a lot more freedom when it comes down to creating better and more powerful apps for iPhone users from all around the world. The new processor brings better graphics and the iPhone 6 itself is also much faster when compared to the older version which opens up new doors of opportunities.

We’re also excited to see what Cydia app developers will come up with as the iPhone 6 simply represents the future of phones. Until that, we may actually have to wait a bit more until the jailbreak developers also get their hands on the new model in order to create a usable jailbreaking software.

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