iAP Patcher, great cydia app to get free in-app purchases on iOS 9

At this moment in time, there are tens of thousands of App Store applications that offer users the possibility to make in-app purchases to try out new content, get better service, or get rid of the ads. Well, due to the way the apps are built, it can often be hard to get your hands on free in-app purchases, but a Cydia app known by the name of iAP Patcher aims to change this.

Based on this, if you wish to try a certain in-app purchases prior to paying for it, then this app is a great choice. While it is not compatible with all apps out there, it does do a fairly good job for most games, and even few productivity apps.

iAP Patcher, an ideal cydia app to get free in app purchases


Currently, the iAP Patcher is compatible with iOS 9, and has a large collection of games and apps that you can always try, with ease.

To install the iAP Patcher, you’ll have to head over on Cydia, tap on Manage, click on sources and then on edit. Over there, tap on the Add button, and add the following repo: apt.xsellize.com/repo

Once you have installed the Cydia app, simply fire it up and look for the apps where you’d like to try in-app purchases for free. Download it, and simply enjoy the experience.

So far, iAP Patcher has proven to be quite effective, regardless of the lack of feedback users left on the app, and the lack of publicity that it has gotten since it was introduced as a jailbreak app.

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Based on everything that has been outlined so far, have you ever used iAP Patcher? If yes, what were your thoughts on it? Let us know in the comment section below.

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