Airplane Enhancer+, The Ultimate Battery Saver Cydia Tweak

Airplane Mode represents a popular feature that has been embedded into both Android and iOS devices for a while now. For those that do not know, the feature makes phones and tablets airplane-friendly, by shutting down all of the device’s wireless radios that may turn out to be interfering with on-board equipment, while also increasing your battery life. Airplane Enhancer+ is a cydia tweak that will save a lot of battery life on your iPhone or iPad.

Well, as having Airplane Mode turned on throughout the day can bring a significant save in terms of battery life, a new jailbreak tweak known by the name of Airplane Enhancer+ aims to make the feature easier to use, while helping users specifically choose when they want to keep the feature on and not.

Airplane Enhancer+, a great cydia tweak to customize basic iOS airplane mode…


airplane enhancer plus cydia app

To put things better into perspective, you have the possibility to choose to keep the mode on for 50 minutes every hour, thus allowing 10 minutes for oncoming notifications, or to keep it on until you open certain applications, such as the Phone or Messages app. There are tons of various features that you can configure within the app, in order to set up a system that preserves your battery well, without taking away notifications all together.

With this in mind, Plane Enhancer+ comes along with an easy-to-use settings panel, where users can also set different profiles, application lock overrides, trigger the low power mode, but also enable and disable the jailbreak tweak all together.

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Based on everything that has been outlined so far, by using it constantly, users can get access to significantly more battery resources, and have their devices last for more than one day with ease. However, it’s worth pointing out that the Jailbreak app is available on Cydia for the price of $2.99, so if you truly want to get more battery, you’ll have to pay.

What are your thoughts on the Airplane Enhancer+ app? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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